Get Rid of That Junk You Don’t Need at a Discount

I ran across a great deal while I was cleaning out my garage the other day. I had stuff in that garage that I hadn’t used in years. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that was in there. I used to have this small canister shop vac that was awesome. I was incredibly powerful and I used to use it in the garage to pick up saw dust when I would cut wood. It had long straight pipe on the end of the hose that I would use to get the cobwebs and spider webs down from the ceiling in the livingroom. It was a great vacuum. In fact I need to get another one like that, it was so convenient. Anyway I got rid of that thing about 10 years ago and you know what I found in my garage? I found a whole box of water proof filters that went inside that shop vac. Does that mean I haven’t cleaned the garage in 10 years? I don’t think it’s been that long but maybe it has or maybe I missed this box of filters last time I cleaned it.

I don’t have a truck anymore because most of the time I don’t need one. Since I don’t have a truck I called a junk pick up service to come over and pick up some of the stuff that I didn’t want or need anymore. They were so helpful, they even helped me go through the stuff I had in the garage. Really nice guys. The name of the company was J-Junk and I found them on the web. I looked them up on my phone and they happened to have a $25 off coupon so I was able to save money as well as get my garage cleaned.