Get Rid of That Junk You Don’t Need at a Discount

I ran across a great deal while I was cleaning out my garage the other day. I had stuff in that garage that I hadn’t used in years. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that was in there. I used to have this small canister shop vac that was awesome. I was incredibly powerful and I used to use it in the garage to pick up saw dust when I would cut wood. It had long straight pipe on the end of the hose that I would use to get the cobwebs and spider webs down from the ceiling in the livingroom. It was a great vacuum. In fact I need to get another one like that, it was so convenient. Anyway I got rid of that thing about 10 years ago and you know what I found in my garage? I found a whole box of water proof filters that went inside that shop vac. Does that mean I haven’t cleaned the garage in 10 years? I don’t think it’s been that long but maybe it has or maybe I missed this box of filters last time I cleaned it.

I don’t have a truck anymore because most of the time I don’t need one. Since I don’t have a truck I called a junk pick up service to come over and pick up some of the stuff that I didn’t want or need anymore. They were so helpful, they even helped me go through the stuff I had in the garage. Really nice guys. The name of the company was J-Junk and I found them on the web. I looked them up on my phone and they happened to have a $25 off coupon so I was able to save money as well as get my garage cleaned.

Finding Deals Where You Least Expect Them Towing Service

The other day I was going to the vegetable market to get some tomatoes and cilantro to make pico di gio sauce I like to eat on chips or on burritos or tacos. I got there and they were out of cilantro so I figured I would pick some up at Walmart because I had to stop there anyway. I come out of the vegetable stand and my car won’t start. I get out pop the hood and look under it… I guess this is what you’re supposed to do because that’s what everybody does when the car won’t start. I looked just like it did last time I looked under the hood, what do you know? I don’t know what the heck I’m looking at. I pick up the phone and start searching for a tow truck to see if I can get some help. I called A-able Wrecker Service and the guy was so nice he said he would send someone right out to look it over for me. The driver got there and tested the battery for me and said it was bad and that he would get me a new one for $125. Ok cool, so I asked “do you have any specials”? and he said yes this week we have a coupon deal for 25% off! Now I’m excited! I got a new battery for $93.75 instead of $125. Next time you run into problems always ask for a discount you never know when you will get one! Visit their website

How to save money with very little effort

What would you do if you could save $50, $100, or even $200 a month?

I can give you simple tips on how to put that money back in your pocket!

Where to start?

The best place to start is where you spend your money already.  It is best to sit down and take a look at what you make and where you spend it.  When you write everything down, it makes it easier to see.  First start with your monthly bills, the necessities, for example your housing and utilities and such.  Next, list the amounts you spend on each next to everything.  Creating a budget (and sticking to it) is the best way to save.

Cutting costs

Now let’s look to see where we can save some money.  Did you know that you can usually call companies like your cell phone and cable carrier and ask for discounts?  Simple phone call could save you $10 or $15 a month, add that up and it comes to $120 or $180 a year just by asking!  If you really want to save, you could always cut cable like many people have done and find a cheaper option.  We personally don’t pay for cable, we have internet and pay monthly for Netflix.


Groceries are usually the biggest expense that has the most flexibility.  While it does not work for everyone, I personally am fan of using coupons.  Coupons usually come in the Sunday paper and vary in value. I figure, if you’re going to buy the item anyway why not use a coupon for it and save a little money here and there?   Every little bit adds up!

If you don’t prefer to use coupons, just shopping and eating what is on sale can save you tons of money.  Grocery sales change each week and by buying and eating what is on sale each week you can cut costs down that way.

Another easy way to save is by using rebate aps.  In the age of technology there really is an ap for everything these days.  These aps usually give you a rebate after you have purchased the item.  They are very simple to use.  Many link directly to your store card; while others just have you snap a picture and submit it.  Again, if you’re already purchasing the item why not get money back in your pocket for it?


Another big expense that most people don’t realize they have is gasoline.  While some will say it is a necessity, there are ways around this expense.  The cheapest way around it would be to not use it at all.  Depending on where you live, biking or walking to work might be an option for you.  Another option might be to carpool.  Many states even have carpool lanes that can help you get where you need to go faster.  Another easy option is to optimize the gas you do purchase.  Instead of driving all over town or making several trips, a little planning can save you time and gasoline (money).

Dining out

One place people don’t realize they spend a bulk of their money on is dining out.  Eating out is an expensive habit.  I love to go out to eat; I will admit that even on my tightest budgets I still try to find ways to be able to go out.  That being said, if you are one like me that just can’t give up the dining out experience, I do my best to find ways to save.  The average soda at a restaurant costs probably around $2.00 per person, by simply sticking with water I can cut my bill down.  I also try to order the specials when and if there are any.  How many times do you end up not finishing your meal on your own?  How about ordering one big entrée and split it with a friend instead, then cutting the cost in half.  Lastly, and of course my favorite, you can also find coupons many times for restaurants.


I don’t know many people who don’t like to go out and enjoy the town every so often, unfortunately many people do so more often than not and spend more than necessary for it.  There are many ways to save while going out.  Did you know that many cities have a website that will give you information on free events going on in the town?  Some cities even provide free days for attractions.  Others offer discounts for locals.  By doing just a little research you can put that money back in your pocket (or better yet, your bank account).

Another way to save money is to hire a carpet cleaner in Glenwood Springs that won’t break the bank, we use Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning and they do an excellent job at a great price.

As I have pointed out there are many ways to save money while putting in very little effort for it.  So knowing this information you can start saving for that vacation that you wanted or you can start paying down some of your debt.  Good luck!



Sometimes savings come from places you would never think of. My Aunt Mary got a 50% off coupon from a tree service Jacksonville fl. So there are deals out there to be had.